21 September 2007

How It Began

My adult life has gone like this:

I tried college. It didn't work.
I tried college again. It didn't work.
I tried working in retail. It didn't work.
I tried enlisting in the Air Force. It didn't work.
I tried committing suicide. It didn't work.
I started welding school. It worked.

I'm a creative person. I like working with my hands, building things, repairing things, and seeing tangible results of my work. I am not cube farm material. I like getting my hands dirty. I've spent years looking for the right skills... ones that will pay the bills while allowing me to be artistic. Welding fits. The pay is good, the work is fun, and I can use my skills to make art on the side.

I began the welding program at Baran Institute of Technology in October of 2006, intending to finish in one year by taking classes full-time. Nine months in, I decided to switch to part-time, delaying my graduation until January of 2008. Once I had all of this free time, I started looking for jobs. I'm confident in my skills in school, where I know what everyone else is doing, but not knowing how my skills measured up in the "real" world scared me. I procrastinated. A lot.

Two weeks ago, I finally applied for a job at a company one of my teachers used to work for. Their decision was quick, and I started last Wednesday. It took me a few days to get into the swing of things, but now I'm comfortable and confident in my abilities. I like my work, I like most of my coworkers (more on that later), and in spite of getting very little sleep, life is good.

Coming next: What I Do, In A Specific Sort of Way.

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Divine Bird said...

Hurrah for finding what works!! I understand completely about wanting something that would help pay the bills but would allow you to be creative--I think I've finally found that balance in my own life.

I'm glad you have a blog now. I'll be reading!