28 September 2007


I lied. I'm not going to write about how we somehow manage to get work done when half the bloody shop calls out on the same day. Why? Because that's pretty much all there is to it. People aren't there, we shift around and do our jobs plus their jobs, and one way or another, stuff is accomplished. Not really worthy of a full entry, is it?

So instead I'll tell you about something that happened before I was hired.

Part of the post-buyout restructuring of our happy little company was getting newer/better office equipment, including computers. From what I hear, there were a bunch (3? 6? The stories differ.) of brand new Dell computers, still in the boxes, sitting in the office, waiting for desk space to be cleared. The next day, they weren't there anymore. Not in the office, not in the shop, not anywhere in the building.

Several thousand dollars of brand-spanking-new, easily-fenced, complete-with-authentic-Windows-serial-keys personal computing technology walked out the door. Management was, of course, mighty upset. Police detectives were called in, and nearly everybody was questioned. Not questioned was the disgruntled man who had just been handed his walking papers.

The crime still hasn't been solved, people are still being questioned and re-questioned, threats of polygraph tests abound, and security cameras have been installed at all of the doors. It seems like all of the employees are sure Disgruntled Guy did it, but without proof, there's nothing to be done about it.

This is why I don't leave anything at work. You never know what's going to sprout legs and wander off.

Coming next: Little Bitty Pretty One

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