13 October 2007

Cut and Cut Short

Now that I'm working on the conical rotor, I can have as much overtime as I want, so I worked an extra three hours yesterday and came in today. Joe and I were the only ones who showed up, so it was blissfully quiet in the shop. I got two barsets finished and another assembled before Joe came over and told me that we had to leave.

Um. What?

He'd hit forty hours on Thursday, but needed to finish some important CAD work, which was the only reason he was in today. He finished his work in a little over two hours and didn't want to hang around doing nothing and not getting paid for it (he's salaried, so he doesn't get overtime pay), so he decided to send me home and close up the shop. As compensation, he signed off on four hours of work on my time card. Two hours at home while earning time and a half? I'm happy with that.

I also managed to injure myself today. In the conical barsets, there's one blade that needs some powerful persuasion before it will fit in its spot. (Read: I need to whale on the thing with a hammer until it pops into place.) I was beating the blade with the hammer, and the hammer slipped. It hit my finger, pushing it along the edge of the blade. Ow. Ow, ow, ow. I ran to the med kit, grabbed some antiseptic spray and a bandage, ran my finger under cold water for a minute, sprayed it, and wrapped it up. It stings a little, but I'll be fine.

As a reward for a) getting a job, 2) getting a bank account, and c) surviving my life-threatening boo-boo, I stopped at Bob's on my way home and got a spiffy new Carhartt jacket. I'm going to be toasty this winter.

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