08 October 2007

Praise From Above

Joe keeps giving me compliments, and it makes me happy to know that he thinks so highly of me. Today we were talking about the rotor/stator set that I finished on Saturday. The stator (which I worked on) came out of the furnace just fine, but the rotor splayed open like one of those blooming onions. Joe expressed his annoyance with Dale (who worked on both the rotor and stator) because of Dale's constant complaining about the MIG welder we have. Then he said, "you, on the other hand, said that if you'd had more time with the machine, you could work around its problems, and that spoke volumes."

I love knowing that my bosses are impressed with me. It kind of makes me wish I were planning on staying in Connecticut longer than a year or two. I really like this company.

My friend Dan from school started today, and they had him doing a little bit of everything. Because he has MIG work experience, they had him repair the blooming rotor first. Then he was passed around from station to station, doing at least three or four jobs over the course of the day. He cut spacers, he ran minisegment backing plates through the Timesaver, he did... something else I hadn't seen before... he was a busy guy. I, meanwhile, spent the day working on two barset jobs. Same old stuff, same old fun.

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