18 October 2007

That's Amore

I love my job.

I love being able to work on this big, unusual part all by myself. I love having the supervisors come over and tell me I'm doing a great job. I love hearing, "wow, you've gotten a lot done today!" I love knowing that my bosses appreciate me and have confidence in me.

Joe and Paul stopped by my table yesterday on their way to a meeting, looked at my work (I might have pictures soon), and told me that I was doing really well. Then Joe turned to Paul and said, "I told you so. I told you that putting her over here was a good idea."

Have I mentioned that I love my job?

I'm coming into the home stretch on the rotor. I have two more barsets (of 24) to attach to the cone, and then I can go around the top and bottom edges to seal the ends of the barsets. After that, I think it'll be ready to be pasted and go in the furnace. And that's when I'll cross my fingers and try to remember to breathe so my head doesn't explode while I wait to see if everything holds.

Wish me luck!

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