28 November 2007


I spent all day yesterday working on smaller MiniSegment™ adapter plates. I really hope I did them correctly... I was a little confused about part of the job, but Joe wasn't there, so I couldn't get an informed answer. I consulted with Melvin, Paul, and Jason (nicknamed "Paul Jr."), and eventually came up with something that worked, but I'm still a little confused.

Adapter plates (along with a bunch of other things we make) are layers of .187" stainless steel sandwiched together. The plates I made yesterday had four layers. Usually when there's something with layers, there are at least two holes for spring pins in all of the layers. The pins align the layers and keep them from moving while the part is being welded.

Three of the four layers in yesterday's plates had a pinhole. One pinhole. That was kind of a problem, but even worse was that the top layer didn't have a pinhole at all. All of the layers had bolt holes, but the holes were too big for the bolts that should have fit in them. So I scrounged. I discovered some hole-plugs (which Jason later told me had been made for previous MiniSegment™ versions) that fit snugly enough to keep everything aligned while I made a few crucial tacks.

I just hope I didn't screw anything up. Joe is the only person who completely understands a lot of the jobs that come out to the shop, so he's the only one whose answers I trust. Hopefully he'll be around this morning to make sure I haven't made a mistake.

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