01 November 2007

Damn It, Jim, I'm A Welder, Not A Dictionary!

I got Marcel again today! He arrived just as I was prepping a new backing plate and fixture, so I was able to show him the efficient way to stack a barset from start to finish. He saw what changes he needed to make, and in no time he was stacking barsets exactly as quickly as I could weld them. Six hours of that, and we'd finished all but three barsets. I stayed for three hours after quitting time to finish those three sets (under an hour) and do the tacking and grinding that needed to be done on all 38 barsets.

Tomorrow I'll either be attaching inlets (wedge-like things that add to the parallelogram-shaped barsets to make them rectangular) to the sets I finished today or building sets for the stator. We're still waiting on both shells (there are "materials issues," says Joe) and spacers for the stator, but the spacers should only take a day or two, which is how long it'll probably take for me to build the barsets. We don't have parts for the stator fixtures, nor the backing plates to go in the fixtures, but those shouldn't take very long once Joe programs them into the laser.

Luc stopped by my table this morning for a translation. I tentatively confirmed his educated guess, but I wanted to be sure, so I told him to wait while I ran to my locker and brought out my French-English dictionary (mon dico). He looked a little surprised that I had it with me, but he also seemed very happy that he could have a more solid answer than my "uhh... je crois que oui."

I think I'm getting him a dico as an early Christmas present.

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