23 October 2007

Gender Equality

I went home early today. Between being a bit anemic, being exhausted, and being depressed, I felt like I was going to collapse if I didn't go home and sleep, so I found Paul and let him know that I was leaving. I wasn't really doing anything important today, since I'm waiting on blades and spacers for the stator, so it's not a big deal.

Earlier in the morning Paul took me aside and told me about a decision that had been made. There are four restrooms in the building: one ladies', one men's, and two unspecified, one of which is in the office. The office staff uses the one in the office, and everyone else uses the rest of them. Since men outnumber women at least five to one in the company and eight to one in the shop, I don't expect the "Ladies" sign to deter any of the guys.

Paul, though, seems to think that "those slobs" should learn how to read. He told me that he's going to put a lock on the door of the ladies' room and give us four women keys. I think it's a bit much, but I'm not going to object. It'll be nice to have my own restroom... the other three women are either in the office or on second shift, so I'll be the only one actually using it during the day.

I have a feeling the guys are going to be angry. Oh well.

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