24 October 2007

Repeat Performance

Remember when we had to scrap an entire set because the barset angle was off? Well, this time it wasn't the barset angle, it was the cutting angle.


We also have a backlog of orders, but limited equipment, so we keep having to stop a job halfway through and start the next one because we're waiting on parts for the first one. Dan, Chuck, and I broke and built two sets and started breaking a third in about an hour and a half because we had no spacers. The good news for me is that the saw was being used to cut spacers for my conical barsets.

Joe told me that he'd have blades for the conical ready for me tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get to go back to my corner and build those barsets instead of hanging out with Dan and Chuck. Not that I mind them, I'd just rather be off on my own.

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