16 November 2007

Temporal Drift

There are two identical MiniSegment™ jobs that I've been working on. The orders were placed on October 6th. I got the parts at the end of the day on November 12th. The promised ship date is... today, November 16th.

I just about fell over laughing when I saw that. This is a time-consuming order... there are a ton of little welds, and everything has to be clamped before it's welded, which means repositioning the clamp every few welds... it's easy, but it takes forever. I keep wanting to bitch at the suits for making such optimistic promises about ship dates, but I doubt that would go over well.

I might finish my part of the job tonight, but it'll take another two days or so for the rest of it (grinding, brazing, drilling, etc.) to be finished. It might ship by Thanksgiving.

23rd, 16th... it's all the same, right?

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