13 November 2007


My rotor finally came back from machining yesterday (looking shiny and beautiful), and today it's packed up with its stator, ready to be shipped to Finland. Because of that destination, my guess is that it's a sample for our parent company's Helsinki office to measure and test to make sure it's not going to catastrophically fail the way one of the earlier models did. I hope it passes the test.

I'm working on MiniSegment™ adapter plates this week. The third-circle that's pulled away from the rest of the piece in that picture is what I'm assembling: four layers of 0.187"-thick steel, clamped, pinned, and tack-welded together. The welding is done in stepped cutouts on the back of the plate. It's tedious and tough on the arms because the big C-clamp needed to hold everything together has to be moved every two or three welds to be sure the area being welded is completely flush. It takes me about two-and-a-half hours to weld a complete circle.

I'm exhausted, so I'm skipping school and going to bed. Night, folks.

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