09 October 2008

Chicks and Dicks

I think it's about time for you to meet some of my coworkers. I'll do this in installments so it's not too overwhelming. I'll call this first section Chicks and Dicks.

There's one other female welder in the shop. She's about my age, very friendly, and her name is Rhonda. Her name is going to take a while to stop making me twitch, because it's the punchline of a very bad, very sexual visual joke I learned a few years ago. Anywho, she's a nice girl, and I know next to nothing about her because we haven't really talked aside from the daily, "good morning."

The three other women I see on a regular basis are Linda, Jennifer, and Kim. Linda is the Human Resources lady, so she's in charge of pestering people to get their insurance/401(k)/payroll paperwork filled out in a timely fashion. Jennifer is another office employee, and she has some sort of connection to timekeeping. Kim... well, I'm not entirely sure what she does, but she sure does it in a chipper and perky way. She's the lone Pomeranian in this shop full of hound dogs, and we all kind of look at her and wonder where she gets the energy to be so happy all the time.

Now for the Dicks, or rather, the Richards. There are three of them. One works in another part of the shop, so I don't interact with him. The other two have been working closely with me this week, one as sort of a supervisor (I call him Rick), and one as an assistant (I call him Little Ricky). They're both really nice guys, eager to help and teach. Rick is an old-timer, Little Ricky just turned 21, and yet they get along really well, both with each other and everyone else.

More to come!

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Anonymous said...

What, you're just going to leave us hanging? What was the joke? ;)