07 October 2008

First And Second

First day? Kinda boring. Paperwork, safety instruction, and then hours and hours of test plates that refused to behave the way I wanted them to.

Second day? Awesome. I ran a few test plates which consistently came out nicely, and then spent the rest of the day building shelves out of square tubing. My back is killing me, but I'm very satisfied with my work.

Oh, and I got a barcode today! The time clock uses a barcode scanner, and my shiny, laminated, code tag was handed to me shortly after I arrived this morning. I feel official now.

So far, the biggest difference between AMK and Finebar is that the guys here actually work, and enjoy what they do. Nobody has complained about anything aside from the fact that work is really slow right now because of the economic situation. When the guys are complaining that they have to sit around and do nothing and getting paid for it, you know you work in a good shop.

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