14 December 2007


Ten minutes before lunch today, the Canadians rounded us all up, brought us into the break room, and, with very little fanfare, terminated our employment. The company is closed. We got 11 days of severance pay, plus any unused vacation and sick days, and all the paperwork we need to file for unemployment benefits.

Time to find a new job. Grr.


Divine Bird said...

WHOA WTF?? That truly sucks. :(

Miss you. Call me sometime.

sylshessa said...

That's terrible. I was so happy that you had a job that was satisfying and that you really liked. Did they offer an suggestions about competitor welding businesses or referals? Wanna work with me until you find a new job? It's mindless but it pays and I know you'll say no so don't feel bad saying it. Want a hug? or a quick bread?